The Co.

Creative Arts Therapy for children & teens in Chatham and Sarnia, Ontario

We use art and creativity in the process of therapy. We can help you improve your child, teen or young adult’s mental health and emotional well-being.

Are you a mom who is worried about your child or teen? Are you looking for support because you feel out of answers and things seem to be on a downward spiral? Do you wish there was a safe, confidential place, separate from you, where your child or teen could decompress and learn to express their thoughts and feelings?

I specialize in working with kids, teens and young adults. I am a Creative Arts Therapist and I use the arts in therapy as a way to help understand, learn and grow.

I offer free consultations to new clients, which allows you to address any questions or concerns you might have and also helps you decide whether we would be a good fit. Click the button below and fill out the form to start the process & get help.

Angel Bilagot, Therapist | the CO. | Chatham and Sarnia Ontario

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Creative arts therapy is a form of expressive therapy that improves a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being through the process of creating art. Creative arts therapy offers a different non-verbal approach to therapy and can allow expression through art material, music, movement, and imaginative play.

Who does Creative Arts Therapy Help?

Creative Arts Therapy at The CO. is for children, teens & young adults struggling with mental health concerns such as:

  • emotional regulation & behaviour concerns
  • lgbtq+ & gender issues
  • trauma
  • emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • life transitions like: divorce, death, adoption
  • neurodiversity, autism and ADHD
  • eating disorders, self-harm, isolation
  • depression and anxiety